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21c Avian Rooftop

This is the roof of the museum/hotel 21C in downtown Louisville, Ky. This is the neighboring corner of 21c and Proof. The gimmick of 21c is that they leave these 3 foot red Penguins in random places – you may find a penguin in your shower one day, in your bed the next, or in some random spot just peeking out at you.

If you haven’t seen 21c I suggest you visit it. It’s located at 700 West Main Street Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 217-6300. Just visit it for it’s museum/art galleries within the hotel. I’ve taken several people in my spare time as well as some of the engagement couples I’ve taken pre-wedding. Everyone loves the place. And if you’ve visited before, but have yet to do so again – do so again!! The art gallery/museum rotates it’s pieces once every month or couple of months. There’s something new to see almost every time you visit.

21C Penguin Rooftop

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