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Shawna & Gaston Varela Wedding

Shawna and Gaston Varela had their wedding in Vegas (oh yea!!!, haha), but they had their reception, here, in Louisville at the Frazier Memorial Museum downtown. The reception had great food, dancing, and an open bar! The food was excellent, they had these awesome cream-cheese-stuffed-twice-baked-potato bites (our absolute favorite) and pesto chicken. Haha, I’m kind of a food hobbyist:)

Other than the food, everyone was smiling. Shawna has to be one of the “smilingest” brides we’ve ever met. She has this ability to be totally beautiful, make an incredibly dorky face, and then turn it back around to something even more beautiful and classy (plus, she’s just really cool). We didn’t meet Gaston until the day of photography, which is usually a no-no as far as my rules go (we always want to meet everyone so their comfortable), but after some drinking and dancing, he warmed right up and we had a great time for the rest of the night.

If you have the opportunity to have a reception at the Frazier Museum – I suggest you take it from them and reserve the 4th floor and go up to the roof at sunset. We had a blast having Shawna spin, Gaston spin her, and taking photos the whole time.

They’ve reserved an engagement style session this fall; there will be more pics to come!!

[…] Yes, we do equine shoots… something about the thrill of a thousand pound animal flying at you at 20 mph while you’re holding a few thousand dollars of equipment – adrenaline rush! For this shoot, we went to see Katie Farley who’s a friend of our friend and client Shawna & Gaston Varela (you can view their wedding/reception photos here.) […]

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