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Jeremy & Mina Schnelling

Mina is a bestfriend of a friend of mine, from highschool. Kristen (my friend from highschool) got her in contact with me and from the moment I met her she was nothing but smiles! As you can see from the photos, Mina is genuinely a happy girl. Jeremy is a cool-cat, he’s kind of quiet and will laugh at your jokes, but for the most part he’s silently cool (and, like most guys, doesn’t like his picture taken all that much).

The coolest part to me was their “engagement session” – what we did was substitute their typical engagement session for a Persian wedding, called a Sofreh, that they did as a pre-ceremony to their actual ceremony. What this involves is a setting of Flowers, Eggs, Esfand, Cookies, Candles, Bread and Cheese, Honey and Sweet, etc. (it’s a very large setting that actually took up Minas parents entire living room). Mina and Jeremy huddled under a fabric held by family and were sprinkled with sugar.. they recited vows and became married by the Persian culture. As a wedding photographer, it’s very neat to see all of the customs of other cultures – the celebration of wedding is a beautiful thing. Our friends Kifle and Freweini also had a beautiful cultural wedding that you canView Here

And the funniest part was the cake Mina gave Jeremy – a UofK blue and white covered red velvet cake.

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