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Brian & Kendall Wedding

As I recall it – Kendall and Brian didn’t talk to me for quite some time… Kendall is as sly as they come and had her friend do the dirty work in finding the perfect photographers (which she was very successful in doing). So, when we finally met Kendall and Brian, I pretty much knew everything about her, what she wanted photography wise, her budget, blood type, and I knew what she did last summer (j/k).

Brian and Kendall and that incredibly quirky-fun-type and you’ll see that in their photos. Some couples make the photographers job so easy… everyone thinks it takes great photographers to get great photos (which it is.. we’re awesome, in case I forgot to mention that), but our clients that will just cut-up, have fun, let loose, and just be themselves – they’re the ones who get the best photos, the most authentic, and genuine; this wedding was entirely proof of that.

Their wedding and reception was held at 300 Spring Street (recommended). They had plenty of room for the entire night, room for the guests, room to get dressed, open bar, “photobooth” location, it really made for a lot of fun! I’ve never had to chase so many people around all over a building to consistently shoot them all!

There’s so much to say about this wedding – Jen and I had a blast the entire time. There was so much energy, playfulness, and you can just tell this couple is entirely into each other. In my infinite wisdom =) I’ve discovered that the key to being in love and staying in love, is being there for the ones you love, and to keep life fun – these two characters will have no trouble, at all. Brian & Kendall, congratulations… and not just on getting married, but on what you two have found in one another.

Other than all of that red tape, here’s the puddin':

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