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Cory & Mary Wedding

When I met Cory and Mary I saw a family taking the next step. They really treated each other with endearment that you only have by having patience and care. Mary and Cory are both soft spoken, kind to their children (even when the little ones were throwing fits), and everything that was said to one another were things like “What do you think” and “Should we”…they were already so well-bonded before they were married. I really looked forward to working with them.

On the wedding day, we showed up early as usual to West End Baptist Church on 4th st. It’s a really beautiful cathedral style church. We took some scenery photos and then I played the piano that was there. I called Mary to tell her we were there and the poor girl had her car towed and had to get a ride, Cory had to pick up the car, and it was really more stress than excitement for them. But like I said, these are kind people who work together and by the end of the ceremony they got past it together.

The reception was a blast. Some families just get-down more than others and they weren’t afraid to use that dance floor. These young lovers put on a show for their friends and family. What I’ve always believed is that when you love each other and when you’re meant for each other – your wedding day is just a celebration of the two of you. The most successful wedding are like Cory and Mary’s – you’re just celebrating what you already have together and your friends & family are there to help.

These photos are filled with happy people, family and friends. And even with the bumps that are part of every wedding, these people only had kind things to say for Cory and Mary, and they spoke of how blessed they are.

Mary & Cory, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your celebration and family during your day.

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