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Hubers Winery at Sunset

In situations like these there are two types of photographers; The ones who wait patiently for those ideal shots and the ones who stumble across them at the right place at the right time. We were a mixture of both the day we traveled to Huber’s Winery. First, we chose at random for a place to go and then we timed and awaited the perfect shots that nature would allow as the sun was setting.

I wish I could capture the scent coming from the grape vines instead I settled for a lovely HDR image of the sun beams reaching across the orchard with my Canon 5DM2. I was able to get the stretch of the sun and the bright colors of the leaves in focus with the 24-105 lens.

We suggest you visit Huber’s Winery, not only is it a fantastic place to go for Autumn Festivities, it’s great for a random day of beauty to be captured.

For prints of our photos and more images visit our Smugmug galleries. Travis Gallery & Jen Gallery

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Remembrance & Pride

For today, I thought it would be suiting to post this image of the American Flag, taken earlier this year in West Point Kentucky. This photograph is intended to give everyone a moment of silence, for those who passed and those who lost loved ones on this day 10 years ago & in other tragedies through-out history. We hope everyone can take in a sense of Pride on any day of Remembrance.

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Shawna & Gaston Varela Wedding

Shawna and Gaston Varela had their wedding in Vegas (oh yea!!!, haha), but they had their reception, here, in Louisville at the Frazier Memorial Museum downtown. The reception had great food, dancing, and an open bar! The food was excellent, they had these awesome cream-cheese-stuffed-twice-baked-potato bites (our absolute favorite) and pesto chicken. Haha, I’m kind of a food hobbyist:)

Other than the food, everyone was smiling. Shawna has to be one of the “smilingest” brides we’ve ever met. She has this ability to be totally beautiful, make an incredibly dorky face, and then turn it back around to something even more beautiful and classy (plus, she’s just really cool). We didn’t meet Gaston until the day of photography, which is usually a no-no as far as my rules go (we always want to meet everyone so their comfortable), but after some drinking and dancing, he warmed right up and we had a great time for the rest of the night.

If you have the opportunity to have a reception at the Frazier Museum – I suggest you take it from them and reserve the 4th floor and go up to the roof at sunset. We had a blast having Shawna spin, Gaston spin her, and taking photos the whole time.

They’ve reserved an engagement style session this fall; there will be more pics to come!!

[…] Yes, we do equine shoots… something about the thrill of a thousand pound animal flying at you at 20 mph while you’re holding a few thousand dollars of equipment – adrenaline rush! For this shoot, we went to see Katie Farley who’s a friend of our friend and client Shawna & Gaston Varela (you can view their wedding/reception photos here.) […]

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2011 Balloon Glow

These are a few photos of our epic trip to the Louisville Balloon Glow. First we were treated to the experience of photographing the inside of the Park Community Balloon as it inflated. After that thrill, we walked the line of balloons awaiting another “perfect shot”. I looked to the sponsoring US Bank Balloon and decided it needed to be shot. Along with the energizer bunny, being the most unique ballon there. People wonder why I love photography, this adventure is one of my many answers.

Jen Faith FiveOtwo - April 17, 2013 - 4:52 am

2012 balloon glow was amazing. I hope to do more this year! Derby should be marked on the calendar haha.

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Edge of the World

This is a photo I titled “Edge of the World” – it’s a waterfall from a natural spring in Becks Mill in Southern Indiana (about 30 minutes north of Louisville, KY). This is one of those “Hey, YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!!!” photos where I was run off for obviously being where I shouldn’t have been, haha. The life of a photographer is a rebellious one.

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