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Tracey & Shon Murray

These are a few shots of Tracey & Shon’s “couples day out” session in Indianapolis, Indiana.
First we enjoyed a walk along the canal as they told me how they met. Their story made for extraordinary pictures as they expressed their love towards each other. Then to top the day off, it ended with a gorgeous sunset as they posed on their motorcycle.

Tracy & Shon Murray's Day out.

Tracey & Shon share a sunset.

John Norton - June 11, 2014 - 4:43 pm

Hey Tracey-can you get hold of me?

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Doug & Kristen

Our triple ten wedding (10/10/10) was booked by Doug and Kristen. The wedding took place in Prospect, KY. The 10/10/10 date was important to them, but they also wanted to keep everything simple as possible. Their wedding colors were white with pink accents. She chose a summer-cut bridal dress to suit the occasion and summer weather. The autumn leaves provided a perfect tonal background that made their day absolutely beautiful. ツ

Doug & Kristen Wedding

Doug&Kristen Wedding

Doug & Kristen Wedding

Doug & Kristen Wedding

Doug & Kristen Wedding

Doug & Kristen Wedding

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The Roberts & Goff Wedding

Margaret Goff is a strong woman. From the first conversation I had with her she told me how I shouldn’t worry – that she looks good for her age and half of my job of making her look good in her wedding photos is already done! Haha. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet Margaret and Okey until their wedding day (she’s from Texas and ended up finding us online). So, we handled everything they needed on the phone and nearly as soon as we met it was picture time.

Their wedding ceremony was to be held at St. Johns Church of Christ on East Market and Clay, downtown Louisville.

As we all know, Jen takes the women for bridal dressing photos and I escort the men for their shots – Margaret and Jen run off, and Okey hasn’t made it yet. So, I take some shots of the guests, the church, the kids running around the Church isles… and not long after, this military man in full-attire walks in, perfectly upright, to greet his guests and you could just tell – this was the man of the day. He was polite, up-right, and confident, which showed me that together, these two are going to be just as strong in connection as they are as individuals.

The Ceremony moved along just fine. (As opposed to preceremony. I’d heard that poor Margaret had a fire in her room at the Galt House and had to wait outside in her robe, and yes, her dress and everything else was left in the hotel room! Can you imagine?!).

Like I said, she’s a strong woman and Okey is a strong man. We were able to capture their ceremony without any bumps, in traditional fashion, and both Jen and I just sort of laughed at how you can have a fire in your Galt House room.. and still handle the rest of your day so well, and look so great together.

Their reception was held on the Belle of Louisville. I think everyone worried if it would be freezing and it was [outside], but was really pleasant inside. The Belle was well-heated and very stable for a reception. The reception was a blast, there was more photo opportunity here than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, their ceremony was lovely, but here – here is where everyone let loose and really showed us who they were. Shortly after being introduced by their Dj, Dj Randy (who played great music all night), Okey and Margaret cut their cake with his officers sword (known as a Mameluke. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.) They toasted to the ones not here, the ones here, and to each other. They had a heartfelt bond with their children and friends, and you could tell that they valued each person who came. From here – eating and partying. There’s something fun and nostalgic about anyone who was around for the 50-70’s dancefloors, and they WILL cut-a-rug like it was just the other day. In all the weddings we’ve photographed for clients, it’s rare to see nearly all the guests stay until closing time, especially with the energy of this crowd, and dancing all the while.

Okey & Margaret Roberts, thank you for letting us photograph your wedding. I’m glad we hit it off over the phone (across the country). In the few short hours we spent with you, we observed fun, class, pride, a sense of country, and two strong individuals who I’m sure will become all the more strong in bond. Most importantly, we observed a close-knit family, including friends, who love the two of you and who celebrated who you were to them and together.

You can’t ask for much more than what the two of you have.

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First Snow

Louisville & Southern Indiana finally saw a little bit of winter a few days ago. As photographers, we brave any weather to capture the emotions and seasonal creations for our fans. I was able to get an up-close and personal view of snow and frost by using the Canon Macro 100mm and now you get to experience it without the frostbitten fingers ;). Enjoy!

A snowy visit

A frosty morning with the macro lens

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SOPA Blackout

502Photos – Travis and Jen (and their families) believe in freedom of speech and expression. Imagine if this website didn’t exist because someone found it a “rogue-site” that could hurt their profits. From wikipedia “SOPA and PIPA put the burden on website owners to police user-contributed material and call for the unnecessary blocking of entire sites. Small sites won’t have sufficient resources to defend themselves. Big media companies may seek to cut off funding sources for their foreign competitors, even if copyright isn’t being infringed. Foreign sites will be blacklisted, which means they won’t show up in major search engines. SOPA and PIPA build a framework for future restrictions and suppression.”

Wikipedia – “Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge”
“For over a decade, we have spent millions of hours building the largest encyclopedia in human history. Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the free and open internet. For 24 hours, to raise awareness, we are blacking out Wikipedia.”
Mozilla – “We believe in an open web.”
Google – Blocked their logo from their homepage.
ThePirateBay – Blocked their logo from their homepage.
Wordpress – Censored all of their blog templates.
Craigslist – “STOP PIPA (Senate 968) & SOPA (HR 3261)
Imagine a world without craigslist, Wikipedia, Google, [your favorite sites here]…
News Corp, RIAA, MPAA, Nike, Sony, Comcast, VISA & others want to make that world your reality.
80 Members of Congress are in their sway, 30 against, the rest undecided or undeclared.
★ ★ ★ Please take a minute to tell your Members of Congress you OPPOSE PIPA & SOPA ★ ★ ★
☮ louisville craigslist ☮”

Go here

Read and act. You do not know how much this will effect your world.

502PHOTOSCOM - January 18, 2012 - 6:22 pm

Thanks very much for your reply and thanks for searching and landing here, we hope you found a post or two that caught your interest. We whole heartedly believe in theft prevention, but this bill allows too much power to corporations and lobbyists – particularly in the entertainment industry. Efforts should be more targeted and destroying free information highways is NOT the way to do it.

LoHi - January 18, 2012 - 11:43 am

Good for you guys! I am constantly checking out wedding blogs, photo sites, etc. and intentionally did a search today to see what sites would be participating in the Blackout. Those are going to be the sites I support from now on- I like my internet the way it is, thank you very much. Thanks for being up-to-date enough with the rest of the tech world to participate :)

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