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Hello world!

Welcome to!

This is our first post to inform you of our changes. I’m sure if you’ve visited us before you’re not entirely certain if you’ve ran across the same website – you have and we’re still here!

So, what happened?!

We have recently migrated from using Weebly to using WordPress as our web-site development tool. The reason for this is to drive extra traffic to our website. So, if our plan is unfolding and this is your first visit to our Photography and Design site, welcome! If you’re returning because you’re already a fan/subscriber of our work – welcome back!

With all great things come a price to pay – our photogalleries and content have been reset, AND YES, it’s as annoying as that VCR blinking ’12:00′ – er I mean, your DVD player+Big Screen+mp3 player combo (I hope I recovered from showing too much of my age). We will however recover from the tragic course of events in a thorough fashion as soon as time permits.

Until then, please be patient and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.



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