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Casey & Jeremy Baker Wedding

The Baker wedding was a grand mixture of Skulls, Boots, Guns, Lace, Candy, Flowers, and Polkadots. Casey and Jeremy made for a fun autumn evening for everyone with a simple but very different wedding. Casey decorated the Driscoll estates in Louisville Kentucky to showcase all aspects of their style.There is no doubt that we love being a part of unique weddings. Not only was it a celebration for our friends but it was a joining of two families. Thank you for having Travis and Jen as part of your wedding doing what we love. Congratulations you two!

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Cindy & Matt Schaffner Wedding

Cindy and Matt had a very musical celebration for their wedding. Both can sing, play an instrument and dance! St. Francis in the field, here in Louisville Kentucky, had never been more full of song until September 6th, 2014. From live bands, songs sung by Cindy, music played by Matt, to lots of Karaoke for the kicker. From beginning to end it was harmonious in both music and love from the families. There was even a few deer to enjoy the weather and fun which means good luck, especially here in Kentucky! Congratulations to Cindy and Matt Schaffner, we hope your hearts are always full of love the way your wedding day was full of music.

You can see their Wedding Photos HERE.

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Narim & Justin Reid Wedding

Narim and Justin celebrated their summer wedding Cambodian style at the Oxmoor Country Club in Louisville Kentucky. After some rain, 4 dresses, dancing, and a lot family laughter it was obvious that all the chaos was well worth the fun. Traditional Cambodian wedding celebrations are usually a week long event. These two strong families had everything planned together to make it all happen in one day. We had an amazing time being part of the fun and learning Cambodian wedding traditions. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Reid!

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Narim & Justin Wedding
Narim & Justin Wedding. 8/30/14.

Rickey A. Layman II - October 21, 2014 - 5:15 am

Very nice

Deborah Morrisey Snawder - October 9, 2014 - 1:54 pm

Beautiful wedding, beautiful photos !!

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John & Jenna Craig Wedding

I met John a few years back when he was looking for someone to teach him guitar. During that time he was going through it really rough. I remember sitting down with John for the first time and him telling me that his goal was to learn how to play a song, that’s it, just be able to chord around. It immediately struck me that he was looking for a way to let it all out. For the next few weeks we got together – and every time I met John for his lesson he would tell me how hard it’s been for him and how he enjoyed sitting down in his basement and learning music. Our lessons turned into more of a “bullshittin’ session” than music lesson, really. Every day he told me how hard it was, but every day – John would be the first one to crack a joke and since then that’s all the two of us do. My impression of John is that he’s the type of man, that when it gets hard and things get tough, he digs in.

In most cases, Facebook is a silly mechanism – not good for much, but in the last year and a half I kept seeing these posts of John smiling and being goggly-eyed over this pretty blonde-girl. I started seeing photos of them with a couple of beers, then photos on the lake, wearing goofy hats, a couple of photos of wine and a title saying “perfect night”, photos of her with the John’s sons, then I saw a photo on October 23rd, 2013 of a ring on that pretty blonde-girls finger. In next few photos John had lost a few pounds and looked in pretty good shape, stood taller, smiled more – the best I’ve ever seen him.

I hadn’t met Jenna until their wedding day. I told her I had a car out back if she was having any second thoughts (haha). My first impression of Jenna… she’s the one who changed John’s world. She met John and his family and she dug right in. So, when you look at these photos – these are photos of people who’ll overcome the hard times together and make it into family and laughter, and that’s the kind of blessing I’d wish on any of us:)

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P.S. John’s family throws an auction/barbecue/raffle/gathering each year to support those effected by Multiple Sclerosis (all benefits go to The National MS Society). If you’d like to donate and help their family and cause, please contact me and I’ll forward you to John and Jenna.

Terri O'Connell - September 23, 2014 - 5:36 pm

Love you all.

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Sarah & Robert Mattson Wedding

I don’t use the word “soulmate” too often, but when we first met Sarah and Robert I knew that they had each found the perfect person… and that person was me 😉

Really though, whatever love really is, what we search for deep down – they’ve got it. From the first time we met, we went straight to being friends and ended up spending most of our meeting joking and telling stories, rather than talking about photography. The funny thing is, I always say that’s what photography is about…real people – it’s about capturing and celebrating what you already do and who you really are. You don’t have to create some elaborate story when your story is already something beautiful.

To this wonderful couple, whom we hit it off with so instantaneously, and can now call our soul mates – I’ll raise a glass of wine to toast, and say that we’re so glad we got to meet two of the most fun and endearing people we know. We had a wonderful time with you two and I guarantee we’ll close down a few more wild nights together before it’s all said and done! Cheers!

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