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Merry Christmas

“Merry Christmas.” – There’s something crisp and clean about the air, warm and caring about our homes, and all around beautiful about the holidays. Walking by a storefront window on Mainstreet, in a light rain, nearly snowing – I was reminded of all of those feelings. This holiday season, we wish you the sweetest moments of happiness, warmth, caring with your friends and family. And we hope you find your own holiday window to look into.

Merry Christmas.

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Christmas Pets

Does your cat or kitten love playing in the Christmas tree? Maybe your dog or puppy loves wearing the sweaters and antlers during the Holidays. Does the fish tank or gerbil cage have Christmas lights? Even better, maybe the family bird sings Christmas carols!

If so, we’d love to capture it! We also are able to create videos of the crazy adventures you and your pets have during the holidays. We photograph any pet, in-door or out-door. 502Photos has great prices right now for the months of December and January. The $100.00 Christmas Photography Package includes; One (1) hour at one (1) location in the greater Louisville area and Southern Indiana. This deal includes one (1) person and up to four (4) pets. Anything exceeding the photography package session has additional costs. Click HERE to contact us for further details or to reserve a date!

You can also find us on Facebook Click HERE!

Check out a few of our Christmas Photos on our Smugmug

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Chris G. | Portraits

This blog is a teaser to showcase some of the images taken on the 2 hour photo adventure with Chris and his two daughters.

First stop was Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church, where Chris is a pastor.

Next stop was Cherokee Park. Chris mentioned this park is one of his favorite spots. I couldn’t agree more, it is a beautiful park during any season. It can get a bit cold when you’re at the top near the fountains during the start of winter.

Last stop was downtown for the YUM Center & 21C. Who doesn’t love supporting their team and visiting the red penguins?

Two hours, 3 locations, and roughly 200 photographs equals a good day.

502PHOTOSCOM - December 11, 2011 - 4:55 pm

Heres a link to the whole gallery!

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Kris Dillard & Alicia Underwood

Alicia has been one of the most involved clients I’ve ever encountered – from the moment we first started talking you could hear her excitement about her wedding from the amount of questions she had about photography, scheduling, what we could and couldn’t do, etc. Then after asking me every question she could we scheduled a meeting to sign the wedding contract and, from there, she couldn’t wait to plan a trip to Louisville (from Indiana where they live) and get her engagement photos started. (She really has been a kid at Christmas.)

Kris and Alicia are from the small town of Orleans, Indiana. Young, really-good-hearted, fun, and genuine people, and really have an endearing manner to everything they say or do.

On our first engagement shoot we took them to Bardstown Rd, in the Highlands (where else are you going to go if you’re not Louisville familiar?). It was a good and hot summer day and we were all feeling it. We had a riveting game of tug-o’-war to stay in good lighting, but out of the heat! Poor Kris was decked out in long sleeved shirts and jeans and the rest of us were in shorts, short dresses (“No, I was not in a dress.” -Travis), and sandals. We went to 21c (where you can see Alicias hot “Natalie Portman” pose by the brick wall in the basement), picked up some drinks, and went back out! We finished up at the waterfront and got some great sunset shots. My favorite has got to be the one of each of their boots on the railroad tracks.

But, between the heat and travel times – time ran thin and we scheduled another engagement shoot. This time we went to their town in Indiana; beautiful place filled with corn, hayfields dancing in the wind, a small town square, a single bank, and a single gas station. We went to their house and took the rest of our photos in their element – and I can say that it really showed. Kris is quite a man – cornfed farm-boy who’s real up-right. Kris and Alicia really opened up in their town and were really accommodating, it was like visiting old friends, we all laughed and cut-up and just had a great time. Sure there was some posing here and there, but as far as the smiles, the fun, and the overall candidness of the moments.. that was all natural, and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding, because I know it’ll be even more fun.

Notable mentions: Alicias fluff-puff dog was an adorable addition to their shots. I like any home that has a hog-door on the side of their barn. The bathtub picture was adorable and hilarious. You can see picture proof of the slave conditions (heat) that they made us work in. …and I’m moving in sometime this year – you have a lovely home and spare room, haha.

P.S. Alicia is a meany. She didn’t want me posting this, but she picks on me every chance she gets. =P
P.S.S. Alicia, I do not think you’re a meany. You and Kris are great people and we’re happy to have met you.
P.S.S.S. You still have my sunglasses.

[…] To view the engagement sessions click HERE […]

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Jeremy & Mina Schnelling

Mina is a bestfriend of a friend of mine, from highschool. Kristen (my friend from highschool) got her in contact with me and from the moment I met her she was nothing but smiles! As you can see from the photos, Mina is genuinely a happy girl. Jeremy is a cool-cat, he’s kind of quiet and will laugh at your jokes, but for the most part he’s silently cool (and, like most guys, doesn’t like his picture taken all that much).

The coolest part to me was their “engagement session” – what we did was substitute their typical engagement session for a Persian wedding, called a Sofreh, that they did as a pre-ceremony to their actual ceremony. What this involves is a setting of Flowers, Eggs, Esfand, Cookies, Candles, Bread and Cheese, Honey and Sweet, etc. (it’s a very large setting that actually took up Minas parents entire living room). Mina and Jeremy huddled under a fabric held by family and were sprinkled with sugar.. they recited vows and became married by the Persian culture. As a wedding photographer, it’s very neat to see all of the customs of other cultures – the celebration of wedding is a beautiful thing. Our friends Kifle and Freweini also had a beautiful cultural wedding that you canView Here

And the funniest part was the cake Mina gave Jeremy – a UofK blue and white covered red velvet cake.

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