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Alicia & Kris Wedding

It seems like so long ago between the time we met Kris & Alicia and now. Their Engagement session was forever ago! (Well, both of their sessions, haha) For some reason these two decide to do their sessions on the hottest days possible and their wedding day was no different. The majority of their photos were taken inside because it was far too hot outdoors. What was neat about everything being inside was that everyone who attended were condense into these close-knit moments together that gave their wedding a real family feel.

That’s the one thing I can take from this wedding – family. Kris and Alicia are from a small town (a farmer and a teacher) and they come from families that have that same small town upbringing – every thing about this wedding seemed like close knit families who knew each other and were glad to see one another, like every one knew everyone, and that this marriage just brought the close relationships even closer.

Alicia’s uncle (I believe), Mike, performed their service. We were in a room packed wall to wall of (as if they brought the whole town). From the football huddled groomsmen, to the secret handshake between the father-of-the-bride and her soon-to-be-husband. Then of course, to the moment where Alicia did that “Let me think about it” pose when she was asked if she wanted to marry Kris – there were so many moments of pure love, pure friendships, and playfulness.

There was this one perfect moment (in my not so humble opinion, haha) – where Alicia is walking down the isle.. her dad glimpses at her, Kris is staring intently – he takes a deep breath, she lets go of just a couple tears, then their eyes meet and she sees how excited he is… she just laughs and he laughs right back in return. That’s the kind of perfect thing that love is; when you’re so excited and happy it brings tears to your eyes, then it makes you laugh out loud when you realize “I’m so happy to be here with you.” Kris and Alicia, if your photographers notice that about you I’m sure everyone else sees it just the same.

The night ends with a “jam packed” (hilarious joke) family reunion, more-so than just a reception. “As two families come together please choose a seat and not a side” written on a chalk board as you enter, suggestion cards for the bride and groom, Mason jar champagne glasses, and mommas delicious Jam!!!! (I love food.. I cannot help my addictions).

You know what, I could write word for word what happened that night, but this is just the beginning to all the fun these two will have and all the family support they’ll have along the way – so I’ll leave the talkin’ to the photos. Congratulations to your family and the both of you.
P.S. Alicia, you promised us some mexican food and if I have to call a debt collector I will. 😉

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